Tuesday, June 21, 2005

we come to do beautiful hair or we don't come at all

I don't know if I'll be able to express properly how much I love watching Jonathan Antin freak out on "Blow Out". This show is unbelievably exciting. Sometimes the sample hair products come, and they are below par. And sometimes at the same time, stylists need to resolve issues with him, and graphic designers throw attitude at him. And all he's about is hair. Just doing great hair. Wait, he's also 'about' beautiful women. So, all he's about is doing great hair, and also about beautiful women. And everybody is tearing him apart. And even when he's freaking out at top level, his voice sounds all slow and low and bass, like he's talking in slow motion, or like he's a shadowy mystery interview silhouette person whose voice had to be altered to protect his identity. "TheRRR IZZ no JOHHHnuhthun PROHHduct!!"

I just watched this week's episode, and already I long for next week's.

Look. I know I should have linked up there, where it said "Blow Out" - that should have been all blue and linky. I promise that after the wedding, I will do my link homework. But if you would like the half-assed experience of a link, read this post again, then type really fast "bravotv.com" in the thing up there, and read it really quick, and then come back, and then pretend you didn't type anything.

It can work like that between us for a minute. Baby, I promise I'll change.

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30 and holding said...

Who needs a link when you love a good blow. out.