Friday, June 24, 2005

i am not big enough for my bridal shower, i have to grow.

Last night, Elizabeth threw a bridal shower for me. I am not big enough yet in my being to even be able to take it in, how over-the-top beautiful it was. I am scrambling to enlargen myself, and I hope the essence of the event will follow me into the future until I'm able to absorb it.

Some of what happened:

A tower of cupcakes, with ROSE FLAVORED FROSTING.
Mojitos with fresh mint from Morgan's backyard
A new patio put onto Elizabeth's apartment just for the occasion
Wafting French and Latin music
Candles here, there, everywhere
The little girl with no underpants who lives upstairs who kept whizzing by on her bike, and finally joined us for the party, who presented me with the gift of a homemade envelope stuffed with flowers and soft leaves
A box with gathered notes in it from all present and from my impending husband, which I will read the night before we wed
The fucking most soft soft robe that erases stress instantly as a gift for me
Carolyn taking humorous notes
World of lingerie, all my taste and also flattering - what?! how?!
My mom describing my birth, "Tina POPPED OUT!!!!!"
Polaroids, who make instant gratification/mortification
Me weeping
Me weeping
Me weeping
Me raking in bigger than the Baby Jesus.

Soon, what I talk about won't be weddings. Please bear with. In fact, I'll try to get something non-wedding based up there right now. Hang on while I go compose. Here I go. See you later.

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Kathryn said...

sounds lovely