Wednesday, June 22, 2005

harry's brother larry's questionable wedding

My best friend Harry has a brother Larry.
In five days from now he's gonna marry.
He's hoping I can make it there if I can,
'Cause in the ceremony I'll be the best man.

Young MC, "Bust a Move"

First of all, why is Young MC the best man in the wedding of not Harry, but his brother Larry? Harry is Young MC's best friend, not Larry. And why isn't Harry Larry's best man? Do the brothers not get along? And doesn't Larry have other friends of his own?

Second of all, regarding "in five days from now" and "he's hoping I can make it" --did Larry only give Young MC five days notice? The best man position is very important. Never mind that Young MC doesn't seem to return Larry's feelings of friendship for him with the same intensity. What if Young MC hadn't been able to do it on such short notice? Larry would have found himself in deep shit, I think, if he has no other friends and this bad relationship with his brother. Or was this Young MC's fault? Maybe Larry asked Young MC long ago, and Young MC hadn't gotten back to him clearly by the five-days-away point. Young MC doesn't make it explicit whose fault the unclearness was, but somebody was in bad form.

The whole wedding frankly sounds very sketchy to me.

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Anonymous said...

That was freakin hysterical man...