Wednesday, June 29, 2005

can't post must wed be back bear with

The Gallivanting Monkey experienced a wedding meltdown last night, weeping and weeping without ceasing. The Gallivanting Monkey's mother lectured her, "[The Gallivanting Monkey] [doesn't] know how to budget [her] energy. [She's] never known how to budget [her] energy. [She] just [goes and goes]--"

The Gallivanting Monkey cut her off.

Lecture = Not Like a Massage

Massage = More Like It

Be back next week.


Eve said...

One major wedding meltdown is mandatory- and now you've gotten it out of the way.
Enjoy your wedding day- soak it up and focus on all the good stuff, like the guy who adores you so much he wants to spent his entire life with you.
Can't wait to hear all about it!

Anonymous said...

While I miss reading your blog, I'm excited for you.

Have a wonderful wedding day and celebrate with family and friends!

I look forward to having you back here.

izchan said...

Don't come back untill you have done all that which married couples do.

I think the medical term for it is "Initial Marriage Vaginal Sores"

la Ketch said...

ummm... okay, where are you!!! please tell us something!!!

Anonymous said...

We miss you monkey!