Tuesday, June 14, 2005

no, really, look at me

Tonight, Dave and I went to go see "Look At Me" at the Crest, which (the Crest) is so great because it's only 3$ a person. At first, we thought we were going to be the only two people in the theatre, but right before the show started some other people drifted in. This thwarted my plan for us to make out and crinkle our contraband sandwich wrappers. But who needed to make out and crinkle wrappers anyway because this movie was merveilleux! (If anybody knows punctuationally what to do when you have a rhetorical question in the first half of your sentence, but then it finishes out with a statement, please let me know. It looks ridiculous both ways.) It's the second time in a few years that I've been to see a movie where I got so involved that I started throwing characters dirty looks in the hopes they'd see me. The other time that happened was when I saw "The Fast Runner", and I was dying for this one Inuit lady to see me glaring at her from the audience.

The wedding is less than three weeks away now, and the stressful feelings are mounting. Today I made three huge week-long calendars on big pieces of drawing paper, which looked a little, but not quite, like this:

June 13-20th
calendar of totally do-able things
monday tuesday wednesday

thursday friday saturday sunday

I needed something big and spacious for my to-do lists, with a non-threatening color scheme, and affirmations built into it. This is a good idea that I recommend. It's the only way.


David said...
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David said...

What can I say?, except this is how I do it myself.

And peaceful sands of amperage be with thy spirit, from the sand man of that peaceful amperage.