Friday, June 10, 2005

goddamnit, I'M the flaneuse

I'm steaming!

Let me lead up to why. I've been looking around at other people's blogs, and frankly -- now listen, I know I'm new at this. Really new! It's been, what, like, a day. Two days. Three tops, that I've had this blog. But other people's blogs, a lot of them, they're -- they look better. They have good titles, clever ones that make me think that if I saw that person, they'd be dressed really hip, and if I talked to them, they'd be funny. Like, zippy funny, really quick and possibly a couple of inches over my head. They've got graphics, and they know how to get photos in there, and THEY'RE JUST AWESOME, some of them.

So, in the last 20 minutes or so, I'm thinking, what can I do RIGHT NOW that will style out my blog. And of course! It's the title! I can come up with a title, right now, and that won't require graphics or anything, doesn't fall outside the range of my little Fred Flintstoney computer skills. And I'm like, I'VE GOT IT. Right here in my hand! And I've been dying to use this term. My blog is going to be called:

Diary of a Flaneuse

Beautiful! Can't wait! And then I'm all, I'm just gonna look up the definition of "flaneuse" real quick on the internet here to make sure it means what I think it means. Yes, it does. It does, I find out. It's basically a woman wandering around enjoying the urban pleasures. Yeah. I find that out. And, uh, concurrently, I find out that some other goddamn blogeuse has NIPPED IT for her blog, which is called 'Flaneuse'!!

Edit: Some of this had to go.

O Flaneuse, you blogging slut, why?! Why?!

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Eve said...

OK, I have to go to bed- you are making me stay awake reading your very entertaining blog!! Knock it off!!!
Gotta add you to my favorites.