Saturday, June 18, 2005

batdance and soft sweater

Tonight Dave and I abandoned our tickets to go see the Eels. (I know it's just "Eels" but I'm not saying that. Back in the back when, I wasn't saying "Eurythmics". I put a trusty "the" in there, and I'm doing it again now. If your band's gonna be all plural about everything, put a "the" in there or I'm putting one in myself.) We were too tired to just sit and listen to one band play songs - even if it were a really fine band like THE Eels. Instead, we went to go see Batman Begins.

(How I wanted to italicize that, the movie title. I'm using a friend's computer these days, and I can't see a way to get to italics or different font sizes or colors here at Blogger with this computer. I had a dream last night that the front of my tongue was cut off and sewn back on, and that I lost a front tooth. I feel that this means that I miss italics and colors and font size variations -- that I can communicate, but I don't sound right or look pretty.) (But then in the dream I still got to do a staged reading that Sean Penn directed, even with a missing tooth and fucked-up tongue that made me lisp, and it went well. You suckers who tried to cut off my tongue! You didn't silence me! You made me STRONGER.)

I read on another blog -- Shane Nickerson's blog -- I'd link you but I'm still a baby and I don't know how yet, but hit my link to Dup's blog and he'll escort you right over -- that the new Batman movie was fantastic. Run, don't walk, he said.

The people at Pacific Place were an inch away from taking that advice literally. We went and got our tickets, and then had an hour to kill, so we took the elevators down to go to the bookstore. When we got out of the elevator, there was this WALL of people, and they were moving fast, like whooooooooooomp, whooooooooomp, we're late, must waaaaaaalk, get out of the waaaaaay, we gotta get on the ELevaaaator.

It was alarming.

Me, I loved the movie. Super big movie satisfaction.

While we were killing time down at the Barnes and Noble, there was this girl on line to buy a book in front of me. She had on this pink sweater that looked so crazy soft. I miss my italics now, so imagine that whatever I say below that's in quotes is also in italics. I am wanting to convey a baby softness of speech. This is what I was thinking in my mind, talking to her sweater:

"hello, sweater."

"hi, sweater."

"if there weren't a person in you, sweater, i would want to pet you."

"you're leaving."


"goodbye, sweater."

Goodbye, sweaters. I have to go to sleep now.

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