Friday, June 17, 2005

on the other hand, the ice cream was so good it made me curse

When I was going to sleep last night, after having eaten peach ice cream from the Cold Mountain Creamery, I imagined how I would blog about it. And my headline was going to be:

Do you fuckballs like ice cream??

And my text was going to be:

Holy fuck, fuckballs! Fuck off!!! I just ate the best cocksucking ice cream of all time! Goddamn it, you cowardly bitches, go eat some! Jesus Frankin' Fuck!

That ice cream was so good, I was mad at the world.

Edit: It's not the Cold MOUNTAIN Creamery. It's the Cold STONE Creamery. Jude Law and that Oscar-winning hillbilly Renee Zellweger had nothing to do with it.

My bad.


la Ketch said...

oh my god. that made me laugh so hard that everyone in my office thinks i'm insane. worth it.

Eve said...

That is ridiculously funny! How can you turn something so sweet and innocent as peach ice cream into something so vulgar and hilarious? EASY, you lactose lovin' slutty whore!!

Anonymous said...

stone cold steve austin runs the cold stone creamery