Saturday, June 18, 2005

the twilight neighborhood of the blogs

You know when you're driving around in the early evening, and the lights are starting to go on in the houses? The sky is dipping into the deeper blue and the windows are yellow and lit behind the dark yards? I always want to go into all the houses and see what they're eating for dinner, see if they did their homework, see if they're fighting, see what magazines they read, look in their refrigerators. The early evening's when I want to do this. I don't want to be there in the morning when they're freaking out and getting ready for work and school. I don't want to be there when the business minds are getting all revved up. I want to be there when it's all winding down, and people are taking off their fancy people identities and beginning to get lazy and silly. I want to be there when it's all unravelling, nice and easy. I want to be there right at the moment when someone says, "Soup's on."

And now I get to do that. I get to drive around on the internet, and if I see a window that calls my name, I can just let myself in and take a look around your lives.


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Eve said...

Neato.... well said, sounds lovely.