Friday, June 17, 2005

it will go away if i don't say it

In college, when I smoked my head off and majored in drama, I was leaving the theater one day. This younger dude, Todd, was leaving the building at the same time. He asked for a smoke and I gave one to him, after which we headed off in our separate directions. A couple of seconds later, he called out, "Thank you!"
What I wanted to respond with was a "No problem, man," or a "No sweat, man." What I ended up yelling instead was, "PROBABLY NOT, SWEAT MAN!"


laura said...

haha, this reminds me of Brian Regan's take luck bit.

Eve said...

God, you just made me choke!

Anonymous said...

This one happens to me more than I care to admit:

Passer-by:"Hey, what's new?"

Kathryn said...

made me laugh out loud and am now getting weird looks from people --- too funny! (and have said similar toomany times to remember comfortably)

Anonymous said...

So funny - I did catch myself yelling at the kids to chew their food before they put it in their mouth. They caught me on that. They always catch me! Therapy - lots of therapy!