Sunday, June 12, 2005


A few nights ago I got in a fight with my mom. We're fine now, but I just have to say that if a fight with my mom were a tennis match, you'd serve the ball and either a watermelon would come back or you'd get a blank stare. Or you'd serve the ball and a ball would come back, but from behind, doinking you on the back of the head.


Anonymous said...

FW has gone to the store to get beer for cleaning, so I'm sneaking on here to read your blog. Don't tell him!

I adore you monkey.

dup said...

Beer FOR cleaning, huh? hmmmm...I'll have to try that.

David said...

This is why I avoid fights with Mom and try to be a very good boy. :) Well, on the whole anyway. :}

- Tina's brother

(who hopes Tina doesn't mind his sudden appearance in comments on her blog, come to think of it, but imagines she wouldn't much)

Anonymous said...

Happy Turkey Day!