Tuesday, June 14, 2005

goose stepping

I overheard this at Bartell Drugs:

Small child: Has it been 227 days?
Adult: What?
Small child: Has it been 227 days yet?
Adult: Since what?
Small child: Has it been 227 days.....since the morning? No...wait...has it been 227 days since I was born?

Another delightful, child-related thing has to do with my cousin Irena, our flower girl. She's nine years old, soon to be ten. After we went shopping with her, we came back to my mom's place, where the wedding will be. She and I went outside so she could practice her walk. She assured me that she'd been a flower girl before, so she was hep to the whole deal. And her walk...oh, mama. Awesome. A very deliberate sort of goose-step. I told her that she didn't need to do any kind of special step, she could just ease on down the aisle at a slowish pace. So she did it again. And again, crazy awesome goose step. So, now I feel like everything's as it should be. I told her that she doesn't have to walk in a special way, so that's off my conscience - the pressure of making a little person do this fancy walk on purpose - but, it looks like she's gonna bring this wickety-wackety fabulous walk to the table on her own. Sweet piece of fruit!

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