Wednesday, June 15, 2005

goodwill industries

That's it. Payback time. Everybody be smart and go to Jason Grote's website. He wrote a play and sent it to a couple of us Printer's Devil folks, and we got to read it here in Seattle when it was published in the journal Knock, and it was called The Island of Never Giving Way on your Desire and all of us who worked on it exclaimed over its charming majesty. The link is below, in my group of links way down in South America down there. I'm still learning how to link in a post. If I did it in another one it was by accident. I don't think I did, though.


Jason Grote said...

Hey, thanks! Your wedding looks like it will be awesome. I actually met the from-Seattle folk I know when Island was done here -- I think everyone involvede in Sheila Callaghan's play Soak, which was in the same evening, was a Printer's Devil person. Anyway, this is like awkward cocktail-party chatter. "So how do you know the host?"

I was going to explain how to link in a post, but then I realized that it would appear as a link. OS instead, I'll point you to where I learned it: For a while I would just copy and paste the HTML code, but after a while I just learned it...

Anonymous said...

Oh my god .
We are all doing this ! it's crazy.
and... uh... wedding ?!!!!
Congratulations !


Tina Rowley said...

Thanks, Dorothy. Yes, I'm marrying/have married/am going to marry again that delightful Australian man you met. The day approaches!