Thursday, June 23, 2005

my mistake


YOUR best friend Harry, etc.
He's hoping YOU can make it there...

I overreacted. Young MC was just hypothesizing. He was being crazy! Like, what if that happened?! That would be so silly, and all that. Nobody would just give a best man five days notice. Young MC was just being hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for splainin'. Now, I see your going loo loo because of the wedding! You make me laugh!

izchan said...

oh weddings ... much ado about ...

Well, if its important to you then its important perioud.


Anonymous said...

On the Fourth of July, I was a friend's house, a friend who had kids, and this other friend and I were putting some music into the CD carousel and this friend noticed the Young MC CD in the rack before us. He said:

"I'm not sure if these kids know how lucky they are to have this CD in their house."

And then he told me this story about how he learned who a father was supposed to be by reading the Iliad. His dad wasn't around when he was growing up, but after reading the Iliad, he sort of hoped his dad would show up, take off that helm gory with war-spatter, and comfort him on the walls of Troy. Then they could laugh together. Maybe he felt like having a Young MC CD in the house to discover some day was sort of like having something to laugh about, together, some day.

Your blog is my favorite blog, Tina. Thanks for letting us comment. Best wishes to you and your groom.