Tuesday, January 01, 2008

wackjobber! wackjob! day one.

Let me just say this.

Blog 365. Twelve NaBloPoMos. I'ma do it. I only post if I make me. So I'm going to make me.


I don't know.

A post every day for a year, except February 29th.

Day one, 12:36 p.m.:

Blog 365 has begun. My outlook is good. Supplies are lavish. The wind is strong.

Day one, 12:37 p.m.:

This may be my last entry*.

*Look for this joke at least thirty times this year.


That Chick Over There said...

Ha! :)

Scott Chicken said...

Rock on. I'm tempted to join you, but I'm only going to aim for one month. 'cause I think I'd cramp up if I went longer...that and I'm planning a 2-week road trip this summer that will likely impede the daily post thing, unless I go all crazy and post via text message. And that would lead to to many thumb cramps.

Eve said...

Oh my LORD, yes. A million yesses! I'm so psyched for NaBloPoYe!!

Ash said...

Awesome! Happy new year. :)

robkroese said...

Your tauntaun will freeze before the first marker.