Thursday, January 24, 2008

fall of lemonface!

Project Runway! You made me hang around with this lemon incarnate for too long. But you have finally redeemed yourself! Victorya Hong - of The Many Bad Moods of Victorya Hong, of The Many Condescending Exchanges of Victorya Hong, and the Many Boofy Unflattering Minidresses of Victorya Hong - has been auf'd. PH balance has been restored. Alkalinity returns.

I will dissolve the ruffled thing with my sour gaze before it can win.

My body language explains why children flock to me, Nina Garcia.

I 'm at my warmest when explaining my competitor's failings to them.

Au revoir, lemonface! Adios, Lemony Snicket! I dance on your puckery grave!

P.S. All hail Sweet P! She's a downy comforter, a stiff drink and a fuckin' bouquet of daffodils all wrapped up in one. I love her. She must win.


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Raej said...

they could make me even happier by sending Weepy Ricky home next.

(though then i would be bereft of my PR4 drinking game - every time Ricky cries, do a shot - so maybe i would miss him.)