Friday, January 25, 2008

my heart can't take the playoffs

This political season is going to leave me needing blood pressure medication. It's like your team is in the NFC championship game and the game going to last for months and months and your heart is in your throat and your foam finger is trembling in the air until your arm wants to fall off and then it's the Super Bowl which will also go on for something close to eternity. The suspense and the worry are killing me. I can barely watch any more.

A big amen to this bit from The Daily Kos which I found via Mike Daisey's blog.

Where the hell has this red-faced, angry, combative Bill Clinton been for the last eight years?

Did Bill get angry and demand that wrongs be righted after the Florida miscount? After Bush v. Gore? After Bush, Cheney, and Rice blew off his concerns about terrorism for 8 months? After Bush's unpreparedness for, inadequate and incomplete response to, and unconscionable exploitation of 9/11? After the unfair media and GOP attacks on Al Gore, Howard Dean, and John Kerry? After Katrina? Plame? The US Attorneys? The "lost" emails? The countless other mistakes and malfeasances of the Bush administration?

Sorry, Bill -- by remaining silent in the face of so many grave catastrophes, you forfeited your right to attack Obama. You forfeited your right to be taken seriously as someone concerned about defending the principles of the Democratic Party -- or of the Constitution, for that matter. You, more than anyone on the entire planet (with perhaps the exception of Colin Powell, who's beholden to neither the Democratic Party nor Hillary Clinton) acquiesced in the American disaster that is the Bush administration by your silence. By your lack of outrage. You could have spoken when it mattered. But you didn't.

And now, by speaking out against Obama, you implicitly argue that he is a greater threat to the Republic and the Democratic Party than anything or anyone over the last 8 years.

So shut the fuck up, Bill.

This reminds me of how I feel about the possibility of Nader entering the race. Dave made this point earlier today. If Nader had been out pushing green issues for the last four or eight years, I might still be upset about his presence in the race, but it would be a little more meaningful at least. Instead he's just popping up at election time, all "Look at me!". Oh, damn it. I have like four minutes to get this posted. That's good. I want to shut up anyway. I can't even watch myself type. It's all too stressful. My heart. Agh.

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Anonymous said...

The juxtaposition of this and the Project Runway post is just a further reminder to me that the current American process for selecting a commander-in-chief is pretty much structured on a Reality Show model. Sigh.