Friday, January 11, 2008

stream of consciousness

exhausted from rehearsal got stuck in the half-elevator at Ross Dress-For-Less with Larraine we had to yell down we're stuck to the cashier like we were juliet and juliet calling down for romeo all the customers poking their heads over the racks watching the cashier was like don't touch that button and I was like I just touched it and she was like well don't turn that key and I was like I just turned it and then she finally got us out and bargains sort of abounded sort of rehearsal weird sort of performing into a bit of a vacuum as no time for notes or commentary and impassive faces chinese food is on the way and a cupcake is already down there waiting for the chinese food to join it in my stomach I mean that's what I mean Finn calls everything lovely today my shoes are lovely this shirt is beautiful these door knobs are wonderful Finn is satisfied I however am exhausted good night I will join you again tomorrow try and sleep well what with all the excitement waiting for the post of january 12th

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robkroese said...

I understand James Joyce used to love to shop at Ross.