Monday, January 21, 2008

i have a new band again

This is truly a great pastime, this meme that I posted about two days ago.

This album is dedicated to my husband, Dave. Today is the third anniversary of our tiny little courthouse wedding, our first wedding. We had three friends there holding two cellphones connected to two loved ones. One friend played the ukelele, he played the Beatles song "Things We Said Today". I carried a bunch of irises and dahlias from Larry's Market. The bulk of our little wedding party then retired to the Four Seasons for tea; that was our reception. Then Dave and I went to the Kingfish for dinner. We told the hostess we'd just gotten married. The bartender made us fancy little drinks with raspberries and champagne and then in the kitchen they wrote Congratulations on the plate that held our big slice of red velvet cake. Before we went into the Kingfish, we called my parents and I unknowingly had the last conversation I would ever have with my dad. He said, "You've been spliced" over and over. He sounded like he was smiling. Whenever I hear that Beatles song now, I think of Dave but mostly I think of my dad. After dinner, Dave and I went to a movie - we saw "In Good Company". That was our miniature honeymoon, the dinner and the movie.

This album is also dedicated to Finn, who turned 21 months old yesterday and has his pronouns and maybe some other things confused, so he'll walk up to me and say, "Mommy loves you" or "I love Finny." He'll also walk up to me and press a book into my hand saying, "Absolutely read it." Will do, my dear. Fuckin' totally will do.

I am Tina. You will have heard of me because of my band, Lamporrecchio.


cadiz12 said...

wow, for conversations that you don't know will be your last, that one is pretty special.

congratulations on your anniversary.

Tina Rowley said...

Thanks, Cadiz. (And hello!)