Wednesday, January 09, 2008

obamaton in the house

I'm just going to start talking. I never blog like this. But this year I think I'll have to. So this post ain't got no angle! I'm just....going.

Obama. Hi, Obama. Hi. Be the president. I read the phrase - or word, really - "obamaton" recently, and I cop to being one. But I don't care! I've never gotten this attached to a candidate before. I'm trying now to read up on his actual plans, but I'll tell you now:* while I'm basically with the idea that you want to look at policies above all, I think there's some other truly legitimate territory to consider that falls under the category of the "vague" stuff. Likeability is one word for it, but in this case for me it's not quite the right one. Obama seems to me to have something that runs deeper than that, a potent sort of wisdom and elegance that I haven't ever seen in a politician in my lifetime. Power, it's some kind of essential power that doesn't need to bludgeon everyone with its presence. He seems to be the living embodiment of that whole "walk softly but carry a big stick" axiom**. His magnetism runs deeper than Bill Clinton's, in my estimation. I look at Barack Obama and I see not just extreme charm and brainpower but honest-to-God soul.

I remember watching An Inconvenient Truth and seeing that black and white shot of Al Gore looking down from a plane, and it struck me in the gut that Al Gore is a great soul. He's a great soul who's come down to this planet to try and help us out of this magnificent jam we're in. I just saw it, right there, in that image. Bang. Who knows if that's the case? Can of worms, right there. Don't feel like cracking it open. Worms and all. It's just an idea that struck me with force. And when Obama made his big speech in Iowa, and when I've watched him since, I had a similar feeling. It was can I say it's time for humanity to call out the big guns to help us out of this calamity, and he just seems like one of them. One of the big guns.

Uh-oh. Baby who had no nap is freaking out. I'm his big gun. Must go.

*Colon? Probably not. I don't know. Didn't seem like time for a semicolon. Didn't seem like time for a dash. I'm a freewheeling punctuator. Punctuater. Punctuatrix.

**Axiom? I doubt it. But whatever! I'm freewheelin'! Whoooooo.

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