Monday, February 18, 2008

a habit i have GOTS to kick

What a chowderhead. This is happening over and over! I'm staying up past my bedtime not just to read articles about the election on the web...which would be sort of all right...but then I'm staying up even later reading the comments sections.

Ai carramba.

It's a festival of hostility and childishness and really bad grammar. It's like...spicy, cranky Doritos for your mind to crunch on. (Honey, taste these chips taste cranky to you? I thought so.) Arrnch, arrnch. Put a sock in it, "Texas Democrat"! Arrnch, arrnch. Stop calling me a zombie. I'm not a....arrnch, arrnch. So mad. I'm so mad. Arrrnch. And tired. Arrnch. Can't stop eating. The MSG is the hate. Arrnch.


Eve said...

The MSG is the hate? DAMN. I love you.

Anonymous said...

You know reading blog comments will make you crazy. So don't read them! Not even this one. Why are you reading this?

I saw some GOP pundits talking about how Obama supporters seemed like "a cult." They were clucking their tongues at how unfortunate it was that people were succumbing to this dangerous cult of personality, and I thought "That's it? That's your criticism? People like him too much? Remind me what your critique of Al Gore was again?"

They are shaking in their boots at the prospect of having to run McCain against somebody with charisma.

Anonymous said...

I like cheese,
I like Obama,
I prefer Doritos...but then I come from down under.