Wednesday, November 28, 2007

nablopomo day 28: i meme me

Oh, will you look at that? I've just tagged myself for a meme. Tina! Really?! You want to know a hundred things about me? Oh, man. That's great.

A hundred things is a lot of things, so feel free to space out or play Free Cell or something while I'm doing this. This shit is self-indulgent in the extreme. I know.

Oh, screw it. I'm just going to do 28 things. For the 28th day of NaBloPoMo.

28 things...I don't even like to say "about me". That should be one. But it's not:

1. When I'm tired, often I will say, "Ooh la la" to express it.
2. I went to high school with a guy named John Belcher.
3. I went to college with a guy named John Burpee.
4. Before every performance, if I take a sip of water, I will burp four thousand times.
5. I get scared that I will go on stage burping.
6. This has never happened.
7. Also before I go on stage, I like to touch the walls backstage to feel their temperature.
8. Noticing cold or warm things with my hands calms my nerves.
9. 1983, end of freshman year in high school, voted Best Personality.
10. 1986, end of senior year in high school, expecting to receive this accolade again.
11. Voted class clown instead.
12. I'm sort of pleased, but also think, "Has my personality eroded?"
13. Also won "Patriot Award" at a special assembly where people's parents come and it's a surprise and everything and it's this deep honor.
14. Missed the assembly because my brother was graduating from Harvard.
15. Found this out after we returned from my brother's graduation.
16. Found out that my parents had known it all along.
17. Never knew why I won that award.
18. Am still mad.
19. When I say "am" without "I", I feel like I'm trying to be Bridget Jones.
20. I don't like to feel like that.
21. When others use the am-without-I construction, I am jealous of their freewheeling, not-caring-if-they-sound-like-Bridget-Jones ways.
22. I care too much what other people think.
23. I work against that as much as I can.
24. When I eat Indian food, I don't know or care if I'm full.
25. I love Gossip Girl.
26. Shut up. I love it. I don't care.
27. See 22 & 23.
28. I feel the pressure of this last item. This list should end with bang. It would be good it if were funny. But also extra-revealing. Shocking, maybe! Okay.
28. I'm pregnant!
28. I am not pregnant.


Ash said...

LOL 28 & 28! :)

Deb Abramson said...

I love the surprise twist at the end there.

Kris McN said...

WHAT?! OH MY GOD!!CONGRA...What?! You're actually NOT pregnant?! What the...? Why? Why would you want to mess with me like that? "Big finish" shmig shminish. You almost broke my emotional neck with that whip around.