Friday, November 23, 2007

nablopomo day 23: no one will care if I don't post

Except me. I will care. But this will be the tiniest post ever because I'm being a pirate on Facebook right now and so is Dave - on different computers - (we are the sexiest! couple! in! the! world!) and we keep throwing bombs at each other and leaving monkey/dynamite booby traps for each other and oh my god you guys it's awesome. It's like we're connecting, you know?

When we renew our vows someday I want us to do it on

this deserted Facebook pirate island. We can SEARCH FOR SOME BOOTY IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN oh man that is rich arrgh I be killing myself. Killin' myself. Killing myself sounds like I am taking my life. I'm not taking this life! I've got gold to live for, and monkeys!

Arrgh, back to enemy waters. Tomorrow I'll tell you about me voiceover I did today. This old salty dog loves doing voiceovers.

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Anonymous said...

I love you. I am now going to learn to be more whatever I am because you have inspired me.