Saturday, November 10, 2007

nablopomo day 10: biffed it!

Oh, fuck, you guys. I have biffed it!

All right. So I just read this unbelievably great book. This be the book:

The picture is so tiny that you perhaps can't read the subtitle, seeing as how you are probably not bionic. The subtitle - or screw it! The whole title is But Enough about Me: How a Small Town Girl Went from Shag Carpet to the Red Carpet (click, go, buy) and it's by Jancee Dunn, who's written for Rolling Stone for umpteen years, among many other things.

It's funny and charming in the extreme, this book! I would put a little funny excerpt on here for you but I'd have to climb over my sleeping family right now to get the book from my nightstand, and then I wouldn't get to do it anyway because I'd have to breastfeed somebody immediately because I woke them up.

(Dave, it isn't fair. You're a big man now. I think we should gently, gently think about weaning.) (Now you're going to freak out when you read this and I'm going to have to breastfeed you to calm you down. I want out of this cycle, honey.)

So, not only did Jancee Dunn write this great book, but I found out that she also has a blog! Go look. So I went to her blog and was swimming around in there, frolicking around in all of the fun, and I left this long comment. Part of the comment was...see, she has a sidebar with praise for her book, and one of the pieces of praise comes from a guy named Matthew Klam. And Klam! What a great last name, right? Mr. Klam. It's probably pronounced "Klahm". But that's not how I read it. And so in the comments I was like, Klam! That's the best last name I've heard in a while!

And then I read more and I realize that one of her best friends, Julie, whom she talks about in her book, is very likely married to or the sister of Matthew Klam, and so I've inadvertently kind of KIND OF made fun of her best friend's last name! This when I'm leaving a long comment the subtext of which is WE COULD BE FRIENDS, MISS DUNN. THINK ABOUT IT. YOU'D LIKE ME.

Listen, Jancee. My maiden name is Kunz. If you're perturbed with me, please imagine how my name got mispronounced right and left. Yes, that's right. That's how. So I have nothing but love for a potentially dicey last name. Please forgive me. You, too, Julie. Peace. Peace, bras.

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