Tuesday, September 06, 2005

the dan spees rule

The blogs are bubbling over out there, in this time of national jackassery. And some of the opinions out there....let's just say I have to bite down and remind myself of The Dan Spees Rule.

Dan Spees was a fellow I went to college with, a smart cookie if there ever were one.

His rule:

Never argue with stupid people because
a. You won't learn anything
b. They never know when you've won.

Sage words. Sage words.


Eve said...

Dan Spees should definitely be on a mountaintop somewhere.. a very wise man indeed.

Jill said...

i had an idol in college and he said..

"everyday i wake up and thank god i am not stupid"

Kathryn said...

most excellent advice - arguing with stupid people is definitely an excercise in futility and frustration