Thursday, December 13, 2007


Yeah. I was all I'm gonna Nablopomo forever! Yeah.

I'm rehearsing a play. It's the best process maybe ever so far. My friend Kristen Kosmas wrote it and Mr. John Kazanjian is directing it. I feel completely stretched and inspired and on fire with it. Happy! And so, also, busy.

Later I will come on here and post house colors**. You can look at them and go, OH! Yes. Dreamy! Love that one. Oh! That one is great. Don't go, that color is stupid. Because we're not changing anything anymore.

Gotta get the Finn down for his nap and then start turning the house into the North Pole. Dave's mama is arriving from the South Pole* day after tomorrow, so we want to make it as super Northy and Yuley as possible.

*Queensland is the South Pole. It's just...tropical.

**Stupid won't let me copy the colors off the website. Behr, Behr, what do you imagine I would have done with the images? How could I hurt you? How could I bring you down in any way I can't bring you down with an actual paint chip, mmm? I'm going to do it. I'm bringing you down with a paint chip.

Meanwhile, the color names for inside the house are: Canyon Mist. High Plateau. Shangri-La. Sapphireberry. Enduring. Apricot Flower. Pebbled Courtyard. Chinese Violet. Lady Luck. Bellflower. Just imagine them. Good, right? Good.

Also, how would I go about getting a job naming paint? I want that job.