Tuesday, July 31, 2007

bloomerang CPR underway

You know my other blog? The one you thought was dead? Or never knew was alive? Medics are attending to it, and it has stopped flatlining.

It had the longest near-death experience ever. It shouldn't have survived. Maybe it's going to have that look in its eye, now. If you could see what I've seen, you wouldn't fear the death of your blog. It's BEAUTIFUL.

It was like, I have to go back...my readers...reader...Tina...the author...same thing...she needs me. My reader/author needs me...I can't die yet. It's so peaceful here. It's light. A garden. Blogs I have known and loved before. It's tempting to stay. But I know I get to come back someday.

Bloomerang is the blog where I put the things that don't fit here. Things what are more contemplative, less baby-driven. Heavier. Or more random. Look if you like. Or just malinger around here, malingerer.

You're not a malingerer. I don't know why I said that. I'm sorry. Let's not fight. I love you.

Monday, July 30, 2007


We at the Gallivanting Monkey send our hugest congratulations to LaKetch and Dup's Blog on wee Davey's birth!

Love to the gorgeous family!

I'm dying to hear how it all went.

Is this baby a runaway from the Harry Potter books or what? He's a wizard if I ever saw one. He's also clearly on the side of good. CANNOT WAIT TO MEET HIM! I wish I were there right now.

Thank you, Penny, for the updates! I'm so cranky I was out of town when it went down! I would have been gluuuuued to the screen.

Three cheers for Davey! Let's hope he doesn't get eaten before we Rowleys can get to New York and eat him ourselves!


And three cheers for his mama what brought him here safe and sound! What a goddess!


And three for papa, who will have had his heart in his throat all the way!


We swaddle you with our great joy from across the land!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

take a page from this guy

A of all, do that literally. Diesel of Mattress Police: Antisocial Commentary is putting out a book, and you can go over there and read his blog and then decide that you want to order it. Did you read it? See? So. Do it. You can do it today. Today is his virtual book launch party. Noisemaker sound! Blrrrfffff! Frrrrmp! But I don't think he's selling it by the page. So you'll have to take all the pages.

B of all, I have got to hand it to him. He's got a thing he's made and he's proud of it and he's good at promoting it. I always feel like if I try to promote myself, there will be an uprising amongst the people. Like, BOO! BOO! Siddown, you big boor! For example, as an actor I always drag my feet about getting my headshots taken because I think people will be like, why are you sending me this enormous photo of your head? Even though all actors pass around large photos of their heads. It's not just me. My head isn't bigger than somebody else's. 8 x 10 is 8 x 10 no matter who's on there. So, from Diesel I take this: why don't I just get over myself?

C of all, as far as taking pages goes, that is Finn's whole gig. Readabook, he says. Readdatbook. Readthebook. He'll wake up in the middle of the night with what is most likely teething pain, and he'll weep out, reeead that boo-ook! It's possible that Diesel has covertly put him on his payroll.

Tomorrow we're taking Finn to Orcas Island for the first time. Every time we go on a trip, I say I'm going to pack early this time. AND I CANNOT DO IT. I can never pack early. So the day before a trip is always Stupid Day. And the hour before we leave the house is Heart-Beating-Very-Fast-Gross-Stress-Hour. But then it's such sweet relief when we're finally in the car. It's maybe even sweeter than if you've packed early, because you don't love stopping banging your head against a wall the next day.