Sunday, March 16, 2008

quote of the day

Finn Rowley, at dinner tonight*:

Peanut butter is protein.
Dinner is protein.
And I ate one protein.

*which did not feature peanut butter

Coming soon - photos of Finn wearing his old duck costume from his first Halloween as a kind of trailing hoody jacket with dangling feet. It's his new thing.

Also, today our cousin Leonie visited us. Finn kept surreptitiously calling her baloney*. I'm the only one who heard. He'd peek at her from behind a chair and murmur baloney and I'd whisper to him Leonie and then he'd whisper Leonie. And then in a few minutes he'd quietly try baloney again.

*I'd spell bologna right but then you lose the immediate rhyme-looking-thing. It always takes me a second to process "bologna" as ba-lo-nee.

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Anonymous said...

That boy is crazy gobsmackingly adorable.