Sunday, March 02, 2008

let's face it. this is a filler post.

Another 11:54 pm post in under the wire! Tiny one! Lame one!

Went to a phonebank party for Obama today, along with the good Nation of Pete, and called 20 Texans. And at least one phone call really did some good. My last phone call was to a dude whose whole family was supporting Obama but who didn't know that they could not only vote in the primary but participate in the caucus later in the day and give some more delegates to the Big O. I was like, DUDE, IT'S LIKE THIS! And he was like, WHAT?! And I was like, CHECK IT OUT.... And he was like, DANG! THANKS!

The rest were largely messages. One hangup. One young dude was for Obama and was planning on voting for him in the primary but had to work during the caucus. His dad answered the phone and had this winky vibe when I asked to talk the guy, like, Oh's a GIRL on the phone.

I've done some phoning from home, but this GOTV action in a group is good. It's energizing. I loved it.

I hope Obama keeps up the trend of performing better than the polls suggest. Go Texas! Go Ohio!

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Anonymous said...

What crazy talk is this? This is a FINE post, a LOVELY post - piquant and whimsical.

I liked it.