Tuesday, March 18, 2008

oh me god

We just got our date for Dave's green card interview. It's May 22nd. 10am.

Hey, what are you guys doing on May 22nd at 10am? Oh, nothing? Well, um. Hey! Hey. Whyn't you guys all get together in a big group, internet, and hold hands and think of me and Dave and think of us all green and Dave with a green card in his hand.

And while you're visualizing, visualize the interviewer to be like the lady who helped us at the bank today, who was like, "If everyone who came in here was like you, my job would be so easy! I would be happy to be your personal banker forever and ever!" Those are direct quotes. The friendliest place on Earth was truly my local Bank of America this afternoon. The manager came over and introduced himself to us. He looked like he wanted to go fix us some hot chocolate or maybe ask us to the prom or something. Then our eternal personal banker said more things like, "When you come in again, say hello! I would never be able to forget you!" We must have accidentally stepped in a puddle of bank pheremones. Please everyone pray that on the morning of May 22nd we step in a puddle of USCIS pheremones.

Greencardgreencardgreencardgreencard. Green card.

The fingers are crossed.

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