Monday, October 15, 2007

fock in sock

I love this reading of Fox in Socks, or Fock in Socks, as Finn says, which comes out sounding like "fuckin' socks", or "fuckin' sucks", which I'm sure he doesn't mean, otherwise he wouldn't make us read it to him all the time.

The rhythm they have going is so loose and tight at the same time. It's so of its era, so hep. I fock in love it.


robkroese said...

I used to have this recording on a record when I was a kid.

Man, I've missed your blog. I've been so busy I've only had time to visit my regular commenters (where you been, btw?!), and then the other day I was like "Hey, what happened to TINA?!" And then I saw that you had joined and I was like, "Yayy, Tina!!!"

The End.

Anonymous said...

That is Sofa King Cool.

Dr Seuss rocks.