Saturday, November 29, 2008

notes from the polar express

Wolves are natural comedians. It's true. They'll be here all week. Tip your waitress.

We let Finn stay up and watch The Polar Express on tv tonight. He has the book, was once wicked into it, is all ready for Christmas and Santa and all that sweet sweet action to begin.

Some notes:

*We thought the appearance of the wolves might scare him. In fact, he finds packs of wolves to be ultra-hilarious. Super totally completely so, to the point where I feel like I might need to reconsider wolves.

*Also popular: the Hot Chocolate Guys! "Hot Chocolate Guys!!"

*Massively compelling: the enormous pack of caribou. I mean, mooses. Caribou. Mooses. What? WHO ARE THOSE GUYS? Ten minutes after the caribou leave the movie, when the Polar Express is about to crash through the ice and all hell is breaking loose, a question.

"Where are the caribou?"

Dave suggests that they've gone home for dinner. Finn determines that they're having pasta. On plates.

*Before the elves appear onscreen, there's a faint jingling of sleighbells. Finn understands this instinctively and breathes out, "ELVES...." with maximum wonder.

*After the movie ends, we spot Finn standing over by a window looking at his reflection, lifting his arms up in the air and going on tippy-toe. He informs us in an excited whisper, "An elf is lifting me!" The elf lifts him on to the couch, escorts him to a diaper change, and basically does our bidding for the rest of the night. An elf can make him do anything. NOTED.


Anonymous said...

oh, man. i can't wait to have a kid. i know it's about a lot more than christmas and movie watching, but . . . blorp.

Anonymous said...

I heard a twenty-nothing college student today explaining how she'll never have Dr. Seuss books for her kids, because she hates Dr. Seuss. I couldn't quite get the specifics. As best as I could figure, it was:
"I don't want them seeing those creepy cartoon animals. Only pictures of real animals."

And I thought "What's the g.d. point of having kids if I can't read them Dr. Seuss?"

Another student chimed in that she didn't think Sesame Street was good for children, either.

Somehow I'm sure Polar Express also wouldn't meet their standards.

robkroese said...

That movie is pretty cool, despite the dead eyes.

Also, the author of the book was from my home town. That is all.

Radish King said...

Both the book and the movie have the same effect on me, and I'm 55 years old.