Thursday, February 15, 2007

un, deux, trois

1. Dave is taking a poetry class, and one of his textbooks is Jane Hirshfield's book Nine Gates. One of my favorite poems is in there - a Japanese poem by Izumi Shikibu that Jane Hirshfield translated. It's not her translation that I love, but the raw translation from the Japanese that she includes. First here's her translation:

Why did you vanish
into empty sky?
Even the fragile snow,
when it falls,
falls in this world.

And here's the raw translation:

why you empty sky in disappear did (?)
Frail snow even ! when falling falling world in

The poem is about Izumi Shikibu's daughter, and the snow that fell around the time of her death and melted away. The raw translation feels so much more accurate and helpless.

2. I baked this bread here, from a recipe I got from the New York Times. Make it. You can't screw it up. It is invincible. And it is un-be-fu-lie-cking-vably delicious.

3. And this guy. I made this guy. I can give you no recipe. He is unrepeatable. Also, if you see him around, please don't give him yogurt. The results are heartwrenching. We attempted this yesterday for the first time, and later that night he screamed and screamed in my arms. I said to Dave about it today, "My heart was in my chest." Wait............


Eve said...

Tina, that bread is a VISION! I have never seen prettier bread in all of my life. I am TOTALLY making that.

Also, I know the yogurt hell of which you speak- I gave it to my girls a few weeks ago. Until then, I had never seen anyone scream vomit. I may as well have just heated it up and poured it into little hot curdled pools on my carpet, and saved the drama.
Poor babies.

Lactose free kisses to sweet Finn

Anonymous said...

i totally made that bread. it was the highlight of my christmas break. everyone should make it. it's amazing.

girlysmack said...

What a beautiful, gut-wrenching poem. Reminds me a leeeetle bit of the red wheelbarrow poem by William Carlos Williams but so much more amazing that I now am replacing the William Carlos Williams poem with this one for ever in my own little poetry file in my head. Thank you.