Saturday, June 17, 2006

tuxedo junction

Yep. That's him. That's him, all right*.

Ok. Ok. Begin the tiny tuxedo-themed post now.

It seems that Finn can't get enough of the song "Tuxedo Junction". I started singing it while burping him, and it soothes the savage beast. Never fails. I suspect he was a swingin' bandleader in his previous life, or at least some type of swingin' cat.

Here are the lyrics:

Feelin' low...
Rockin' slow...
I want to go
Right back where I belong

Way down South
in Birmingham
I mean South
in Alabam'
to an old place
where people go to dance the night away

They all drive
or walk some miles
to get jive
their Southern styles
That makes you want to dance away the day

It's a junction
Where the townsfolk meet
At each function
In a tux they greet you

Come on down
Forget your cares
Come on down
You'll find me there
So long, town
I'm headin' for
Tuxedo Junction now

Sing that baby to the tune of "Tuxedo Junction" !

And now, here's a tiny excerpt of an interview in The Believer, wherein the author of the Lemony Snicket books is interviewing Jack Black. They've been talking about weddings, and wedding attire, and renting vs. owning tuxedos. Jack Black rents. Daniel Handler owns, and elaborates a little:

Daniel Handler: It’s nice to have a tux because sometimes you can just put it on and wear it. It sort of shocks the hell out of people.

Jack Black: [laughing] Do you do that?

Daniel Handler: Yeah, I just wore it to someone’s birthday party. If you really go all out and it’s not a sarcastic-looking tux they just don’t know what to do with you.

If all goes according to plan, Finn'll be the kind of guy who'd do that. I just gotta figure out whether to use reverse psychology or just basic forward psychology.

*Finn in his first tuxedo, a white appliqued terry cloth footed number. Shut up, it's a training tuxedo.


Eve said...

Oh my God... that is the exact same tuxedo that my husband wore to our wedding... except the duckie was a giraffe. Small world.

Christopher said...

And he's already got the, "What are you lookin' at? You never seen a guy in a tux before?" look down COLD!

bladio said...

that little dude is awesome. i wonder what's on his mind?