Monday, June 12, 2006

the fuss budget is in dire need of adjustment, or, S.O.S.

We are over budget. The fussing has exceeded its set limit. But we do not want the fuss budget increased. We should strive to spend less.

If you are someone I know, and you've recently emailed me and I haven't emailed you back, that's only because you're not apparently on fire and shrieking in my ear. It isn't you. I promise you that someday I will email you back.

Oh my god, he's awake again. Anything could happen. He might eat me.

This may be my last entry.*

*not really. This is a reference to a joke we had when Bald Faced Lie was touring Canada. We liked the idea of a Donner party-ish trip journal like this:

Day 1

9:45 a.m. Camp is set up, breakfast is on the fire. We anticipate a smooth trip to Edmonton, and spirits are high.

11:00 a.m. This may be my last entry.


dup said...

That is funny. Recently I thought about Bald Faced Lie in that themed hotel in Canada and you all bought cowboy hats and paraded around in robes like rock stars. I wasn't there -- but I heard about it later...that must seem like a million years ago now. It does to me.

Tina Rowley said...

Yeah, what a bunch of dorks in our cowboy hats! We'd all walk around Edmonton with them on, like that was our thing. But the Fantasyland Hotel was a good time. Another good detail about the parading around in the robes is that all the guys wanted to wear dissolute rock star eye makeup. So we made them all pretty. Then they wanted to wear eye makeup more often. So we made them all pretty several times on the tour.

You're right, it does seem like a million years ago. Yowsh.

la Ketch said...

that is so funny, omg. hilarious.
the last entry part...

Anonymous said...

My sister was laughing at me yesterday because I was telling Betty that she had spent her entire fuss budget and was going to go into fuss debt and be charged fuss interest at an exorbitant rate.

Today she saved up until bed time and let it all out. Whooo!

(egg) said...

"Day 1" is a very excellent memory! I still use it to express my tongue-in-cheek dismay at tough conversations.

It wasn't a million years ago, The Puppy, but it was a lifetime ago. Almost every single significant thing about my life has changed since that summer. In fact, that summer was the catalyst for most of that change.

I still have my cowboy hat I bought on that trip. I love it, but never wear it.

And of course, almost getting kicked out of the FantasyLand at, like, 10pm for being too loud. It's a family hotel, apparently. Despite the razor blades marks on the mirrored table in the Hollywood Suite and the porn hottub lights in the Polynesian Room.

Key-riced. I was a-whole-nother Peggy back then.

Both Peggies adore both yous.