Thursday, June 29, 2006


Look at this.

1. Dave, in baby form

2. Finn, in present form

If your reaction isn't OH MY GOD THE RESEMBLANCE, I don't want to know.

But OH MY GOD THOSE ARE TWO CUTE BABIES is a good reaction, too.

Definitely don't want to know if your reaction is

P.S. Dave isn't in black and white anymore. He was in black and white because he's so old. But he's gotten modern and been colorized.


Anonymous said...

They look exactly alike!

Now, get this: when McPantses was a wee babe, I saw a program on Discovery Health channel about how babies look more like their fathers up until about age one and that people usually think it, too. Guess who thinks it the MOST? The mom's parents, aka the maternal grandparents.

It implies chastity on the mom's part and helps keep families together. Never fear. Your time is coming in another 10 - 11 months.

Weird stuff, hunh?

Weirder still is that my son looks exactly like my daughter did as an infant, so I keep looking through old girlbaby pictures and wondering what my boy is doing in all those smocky pink dresses.

Eve said...

Woah! Those babies are twins, for sure!! They look more alike than my twins!
And they do suck... but only in a really good, cute, milk related way.
So cool.. a mini Dave.
LURVE the baby blues, so damn handsome!