Tuesday, June 20, 2006

happy two month birthday!

When asked to give a speech, Finn said:


Skip around the room, skip around the room, we won't shut up until you skip around the room!

We love that little chuckler!


bladio said...

HB little guy!

kww said...

YES! Happy birthday!

I remember we used to celebrate each week with Simon, and that went on for almost a year--knowing how many weeks and days old he was--with Eloise I keep forgetting if she is five or six weeks old. Watie kept correcting me...but yes she is 6 weeks and four days old, 11 lbs and 2 ouncees, 23 inches long and shit I forgot the head circumfrence measurement we got today--

I have many feelings about the identity dilemma, and I tried to comment earlier today, but the window disappeared while writing. short version--it is easier the second time around to let go of some of that, probably because I know it will be there when I am.
kiss your babe from all of us! Happy birth day to you too Mama--you did it.


YogaLia said...

If Finn could speak and you asked him how old he was, he would say, "I'm 1/6th!"

Eve said...

Yay, Finn on the big b-day!

Your speech was eloquent and profound- the part about the bubble had me in tears...


Anonymous said...

vegemite sandwich

Reb and Heidi said...

Yes, a moving speech indeed. Happy Birthday, sir.

Anonymous said...

Happy, happy two months, Mister!