Thursday, November 17, 2005

oh, garçon...

There's no clever way to deliver this news. Or, there is, but I'm too flabbergasted to find it. Or, there is, but who needs it?!

We found out this morning that we're having a


We can't believe it!

*actual photo from the ultrasound. Amazing, yes?!

We were sure we were having a girl. We were like:

"Oh, I'm having strong girl feelings."
"Oh, me, too."
"Yeah, me, too."
"Yeah, I just keep defaulting to a girl."
"I'm pretty sure it is a girl."
"If it's a boy, it's great!"
"Sure, it's great! Of course!"
"But, really....I just keep seeing a girl."
"I know. Me, too. A little girl!"
"A little girl!"


We had an ultrasound this morning - a week or so earlier than we had planned, but we'd gotten a slightly abnormal result on our blood test last week (scary, bummer, bad moment) so we needed to check it out post-haste. The ultrasound came out good - the little man is looking healthy, he's a good size


We're thrilled! The minute his boyness was revealed to us, it was like, girl, what girl, girls are for girls!

And he was shimmying around like a nutball in there. His arms were just wicketa-wocketa-wicketa-wocketa all over the joint, like one of those boxing nuns or kangaroos. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. And when they told us he was a boy, we couldn't have been more surprised if they'd told us he was a hammerhead shark.

The little man!

Please vote for the best name:


Dave and I were going back and forth about names today. We have a couple of names on the table, but we were so surprised to get this news today that we thought it might be nice to open out the field a little. But then we tried it, opening out the field.

Let me put it this way. If Dave's taste in boy's names and my taste in boy's names were explained in terms of high school teams, his taste would tend toward names you might find on the wrestling team, and mine would tend toward names you might find on the debate team.

I'd float something out there, and he'd shake his head or grimace. Then he'd float something out there and I'd suppress a shudder. Then we remembered that the names we'd had on the table were the names we were able to agree on in the first place. We're close to a decision, now, and we're feeling good.

Welcome, Little Man Rowley!! We love the living shitboxes out of you!

edit: We've pretty much landed on a name now, but we're going to let it sink in a little before we reveal it. I'll just say that this guy can wrestle and debate.

'nother edit: Dave and I were just sitting around chatting about our son, and Dave said, "Have you met my son, ______? Allow me to introduce himself!" Allow me to introduce himself....I can't take it. I keep suddenly giggling about it.


la Ketch said...

boy oh boy what a lucky little boy he is. so lovely to be able to say "he" and not "it". congratulations you two!! it's very exciting.

Adam Szymkowicz said...

Congrats! I want to see that combo wrestling/debating sport.

laura said...

Congratulations!!!!! I can't wait to hear what name you've picked out. Personally, my vote goes for Voldemort, but I'm calling my baby Kreacher until he/she is born, so I'm obviously HP obsessed.

john said...

Announcing the birth of Wrestly Debatey Rowley.

You could go with Howard Dean. He always seemed like he could do both. Howard Dean Rowley?

Well how exciting. Dudes are terrific. Not to toot my own blog but it's the difference between playing cats (girls) and playing gorillas (boys).

Tina Rowley said...

Thanks, guys!

John: Loved that story! Everybody click on John's name and go read that story. And if someone is far in the future reading these comments, you'll be going to November 17th on the old Monkey Disaster blog.

(I tried to link to that post but something went astray, and I'm too lazy to try it again.)

la Ketch said...

Penis Rowley!

Christopher said...

Hm, wrestling/debating name

My guess is: Clark.

Sean Nelson said...

boys are way better anyway.

also: balls!

john said...

Just for the record, Blue, the dog depicted in the costume in the photo there, is actually a girl dog. This is the kind of information with which you will soon be cursed. Do you know the names of all the dragons on DragonTales? Because I do.

Tina Rowley said...


....Sure, that photo...resembles a character that's a female character on a, of course I knew that...but I maintain that the photo is from our ultrasound. I maintain it.

I maintain it.

Eve said...

YEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOO for the little boy!!!!! Little Chauncey Panther- who can easily convince you of anything with his debating skills, or will wrestle you to the ground if you won't listen to reason. I know I wouldn't dare mess with a Chauncey Panther.
Wow, I'm all full of butterflies for you guys! :)

And ultrasounds have REALLY progressed in the past year- wowza!

bladio said...

I vote for Darth.


Anonymous said...

My twin is a boy ? !!!
I knew it !

Anonymous said...

To sum up. I am pregnant as well and am a little bit further (further, farther? I can't think anymore) along. My brain is melting, because, well, being pregnant is like having chemotherapy: puking, extreme fatigue, and a severe case of the stupids that hits around 5 1/2-6 mos. So you're probably over all this now, but Old Navy has pants that have elastic, but they're lowriders and sit under your belly. Plus they're on huge sale right now. The Old Navy downtown is where I go. Plus the Target in Northgate has a crap maternity department. And it hasn't gotten better in five months, in my experience.
Dunno what manner of baby it is. I told my mother "The kid's going to decide for itself when it's 16 anyway." However, I am sick to death of looking at things in Green and Yellow. Sick. Unto. Dying.

Tina Rowley said...


Hello! Yeah, I nearly died of green and yellow in my first few weeks of pregnancy. Fuck. OFF. But then I was like, red, bitches. Everyone wears red. And purple and orange are up for goddamn grabs as well. I also submit brown. And really, really, motherfuckers, in this modern world, blue and pink. We're not cavemen. We can make it work.

izchan said...

I was just thiking about what to name my son if I ever have one.

So I am giving you the name that I wanted to give my own flesh and blood.


Tina Rowley said...


That's very kind of you to share that name with us. Isaac is a great name - I hope you get to use it!

Jason Grote said...

Congratulations! My favorite name on the list is Batman, but it's taken, for my future son (or daughter). Though it might give away their secret identity every time they have to show ID or pay for something with a credit card.

And, hey, not to be all consumer advocate or anything, but we all know you must have photoshopped that Blue's Clues costume on to your fetus.

Tree said...

Boys rock! I have to say that because I have three, but it's true, too!
Love your list of names. I vote for Balls.

Tina Rowley said...


No, dude, I didn't. That's my fetus, au naturel.


Thanks! And with your vote, Balls is now ahead.

Stop it! said...

Oh my freaking god!! Little Balls, oh sweet sweet little balls. I love you balls. Imagine your husband saying that. Is he talking to your son or himself?

Now when you have sex you'll have two peni inside you. Ick.