Tuesday, November 22, 2005

a brief mania, or, enter the snowman

Yesterday, Dave and I went to a bookstore, and I spent a lot of time in the children's section looking for potential baby books for Finn. I picked a couple of books that were about how much various animal parents love their animal babies, and so, human baby, you can extrapolate that your parents love you a crazy lot, too.

Then I picked this book called "Snowmen at Night", which is all about snowmen at night sliding out to the park and playing baseball and drinking cold cocoa and basically living it up. The illustrations are really bright and charming, and it looked like something a tiny person would think were very funny. (Can't wait to find out what sort of sense of humor little Finn will have. Oh, man. Until he gets old enough to be active on the comedy front, I'm going to be projecting a lu-lu sense of humor on to him.)

Look, I loved reading that snowman book myself. It looked great, and the snowmen looked so cute. And without realizing it, I developed a brief case of snowman fever. I didn't know I had it until Dave and I were leaving the store, and I kept halting by anything snowman-related. Dave finally said, "Hey, there, Snowman-Crazy..." and I had a flash of clarity that in fact I was hypnotized by anything snowman, and I found this hilarious to the point of doubling over.

But, truly, I urge you to consider the snowman afresh. Let yourself be seduced by the round simplicity and benevolence of the snowman. Become as a child again before his gentle, folksy sphericalness.


la Ketch said...

i love them!

Anonymous said...

Might I refer you to Bog Face's blog and the charming picture of FW with the NYC snowman (snapped by yours truly). If only I was clever enough to make a link.

Eve said...

In that snowman series of books, each picture has a few hidden things, like a bunny and, er.. a few other things I can't remember. It's neat-o.

Unknown said...

Wouldn't it be a little creepy if snowmen actually did come alive at night? Like, you made it, and now it's real.

Uh oh. A new fear is developping. Stay away snow storm and you pseudo men made of snow!d

Tina Rowley said...

La Ketch, Pants, Eve, Kelly:

You are the people who cared enough about snowmen to comment. Or, that's a stretch. But I appreciate you nonetheless. Thank you for considering the snowman.

izchan said...

attack of the malformed snow man ... :P

yeap ... that will scare the beezeeburs out of the kids.

Stop it! said...

I used to get so excited to build a snowman when I was young that I would start straight away after the first snow.

The best part is that my snowmen contained mud and grass as well as bits of snow. Sure, they were a little dirty, but, they were mine.

Adam Szymkowicz said...

I hae snowman fever too now