Wednesday, May 03, 2006









Also, mrrraow! Look at Man and Bun, Hot out of Oven. Man is now extremely cold out of oven, but yet still hot.

By the way, that was when Finn was just a baby. He's been here for two weeks now. Now he can kick my ass just with his neck muscles alone.

I hope you didn't get any milk on you during the reading of this post. If you didn't, it's more than I can say for myself.

More later.

P.S. I milkily make out with all of you kind commenters. As I've been recuperating and your comments have been coming in, they have made me weep with all of your sweetness. Salty sweet reading. I thank you many times. XO.


la Ketch said...

ooooohhhh moo moo mama. thank gawwwddd you finaly posted my hand was getting a cramp from clicking "galivanting monkey" over and over and over. i can hear through the word and tone of this post that things are picking up over there. much joy! yay! love.

laura said...

I got milk on myself reading your post I think. Funny how much of it is in there! Hope you're sleeping well!

Boliath said...

Ha ha ha oh sweetheart the cow phase, I remember it well, I also remember it being hard as hell around the 2 week mark, it eased up considerably at 6 weeks, just like veryone told me it would, like a switch had been flicked all of a sudden at 6 weeks breastfeeding and minding baby all got much much easier, not easy mind, easier.

Congratulations, he looks like a little peach! Yay you!

ChannelSurferDude said...


Anonymous said...

I am so so happy joyful awestruck for you and your beautiful baby boy. As much love (and milk) as you have for him, we all have for you during this brand-new bouncin' and behavin' time. Well, okay, we don't have as much milk, maybe, but I for one live pretty close to a PCC and if you really needed milk as well as love I would bring it over. You know. Much much love.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I totally got milk on myself. Welcome to a totally liquid existence. Milk, drool, tears, poop, pee. The world washes around me now. I am swimming in a universe of effluvia. It all comes down to this: human life is all about emitting.

YogaLia said...

i wanna squeeze dat BABY!

Nailed It said...

I'm so late with this comment, but...


I'm so happy for you all. Welcome to the new world.


Anonymous said...

Yeah we really need to hear from you more often now!

You just keep that milk truck delivering that Liquid Love! Did you know that the poop doesn't stink until you give him some other food than milk?

Bless you and the little fam!

the beige one said...

Did you know that the poop doesn't stink until you give him some other food than milk?

True! Oh, but the texture...dear god, the texture.

Eve said...

I can't tell if that milk on my shirt is from your post, myself, or my cereal this morning... my entire world is also coated with milk right now,



Dan said...

Here's a quiet, waterproof and easily cleanable keyboard. Now get back to posting!

Stuff You Should Know said...

I can't say I disagree.