Monday, April 21, 2008

happy birthday, mr. funny

Finn's second birthday was yesterday, and it was a joy. We had a tiny little party, featuring the Gehrman/Ingersons and our dear Jenn Creegan. Finn and Miles wore their new Mr. Funny uniforms and rocked it out!

First, here's Finn in the a.m. opening presents with the family.

That box has a Mister Potatohead therein. His identity would later be conflated with Buzz Lightyear's, as Finn yelled when he was going to bed, "BUZZ LIGHTHEAD!"

It was a full-on rescue operation to release Buzz Lighthead from his packaging. But he's a wicked hit! Thanks, Grandma! We tried to call you, but there was no answer! We assumed you were on a space ranger mission.

Diny-saurs. Rrahr! Rrrahr. What does a dinysaur say when he wants a cookie? Rrahr!

Kicking it. What? That's how you do it. It's not kicking it if you're not kicking it.

The Mr. Funny convention convenes by the couch at noon. Mr. Funny Gehrman has clearly brought his A game.

Here's where the party suddenly turned into a freaking Gatorade commercial, apple-juice-style.


UNH UNH Why the hell didn't anyone give me anything to drink before this point in my life? I'm seriously so fucking thirsty UNH UNH

UNH UNH Me, too, what gives..I just have to...I'm going to go over here to - UNH UNH

We had never witnessed a thirst like their thirst. It went on and on, this slaking of this legendary thirst. Sweet lord, finally the succulent apple juice for our shrivelling souls.

Mix and match farm animal puzzle. Both sets of Mr. Funny's parents are like, "Hey, you know what's good? Sharing! Sharing is something you might...hey! Say! All right! Sharing is good and also positive reinforcement is good! Good! Good things are good! All right!"

Mr. Funny Gehrman tutors Mr. Funny Rowley in the ways of Thomas the Tank Engine track-making. Auntie Jenn and Auntie Jos hooked Finn up with some sweet sweet goods from the Island of Sodor. Beautiful generous aunties! Plus Auntie Jenn totally saved the day for us hapless party makers who ran out of time to get balloons and apple juice. She stopped in the rain and brought a fat armload of shiny balloons and, apparently, the best goddamned apple juice ever crushed out of an apple.

The Ingehrmans. Listen. For Finn's first friend to end up being Miles Gehrman, son of longtime friend David Gehrman and the lovely Ingrid Ingerson, is just more delightful than we could have conceived. We've been waiting all Finn's life to give a hero's welcome to his first real pal. Well, we give it to his parents, too. They've got it going ON.

Auntie Jenn and Finn cracking open the Thomas track and airfield, while know what, you can't caption what he's doing. You can't bottle that. Just behold.

I will always love this cake, even though it's the color of chewed gum, because it's the first one I ever baked for Finn. It's a strawberry cake with strawberry frosting, filled with strawberries. Finn is heavily pro-strawberry. I tried to use the natural beet food coloring but it was turning shit blue! So I went with the artificial stuff because strawberries are RED. Or, you know, chewed-gum color. This cake was delicious, if I say so myself.

Here's Finn turning to his mom for comfort while everyone sings in his honor. The birthday song is not up everyone's alley, wouldn't you know? I allow this grotesque picture of me in the name of telling the story. I am less foul and pointy in real life, and also I have eyes.

The day was fantastic. Finn and I napped together like fiends after the party, and then Finn and Dave and I gathered on the couch to watch Toy Story TWO. Oh, that's right. We're mixing it up.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Happy, Happy, Apple Juicy Strawberry Lighthead Day! I almost feel like I was there- great shots! The UNH UNH is so spot on funny.

Happy 2 years, cutie Finn!


dup said...

That was awesome: Da Baby in the house with his da baby, Finn's awesome hair, and jokes. I love the jokes.

Prattitude said...

Adelaide cried when we sang Happy Birthday to her. Betty thinks if she sings Happy Birthday, no matter what day it is, she gets cupcakes and presents.

Anonymous said...

Ingrid is the most beautiful woman on the planet.

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