Tuesday, January 23, 2007

i like everything everybody hates sometimes and vice versa

Soon I will stop talking about awards shows and fashion, but not yet.

First of all, Cameron Diaz looked great. She's the most annoying celebrity in the world, but I thought she looked stunning. And all the magazines and blogs are like, HATED IT! You are wrong, you magazines and blogs. When I saw her, I was like, WHO'S THAT?! And then I was like, oh. It's Cameron Diaz. Mmmph. And then I was like, WELL, SHE LOOKS GREAT.

Rinko Kikuchi. She's Japanese for pete's sake! She has license to dress like an adorable pile of cotton balls if she feels like it. This look is charming and entertaining at the same time.

Au contraire, mes freres. Drew Barrymore's dress didn't fit right and her tan was odd. She followed Angelina Jolie's example and rubbed newsprint on her face to make it look muted and bizarre.

See? Because that's what Angelina Jolie did. Right after Sarah Jessica Parker did her hair.

Vanessa Williams. Can it, hosers. I feel that she pulled this shit off. I like her hair, too. Oh, I'll say it.

Other than her hair, I like what J. Lo has going on here. I didn't say I love it. But I don't hate it. Because I'm in the middle, liking it. It must be weird to be Jennifer Lopez these days. On the Mrs. Marc Antony down low and all that. Give her a break. I don't know why.

Eva Longoria, NOPE. Slender puffy torso awkwardness on a lame lady. You are a suckball and you dress like a suckball, suckball.

The Fashion Police tried to arrest Kyra Sedgewick. I intervened, and threw their crack pipes to the ground. Kevin Bacon and their daughter Sosie are like, who is this weird lady rushing to our family's defense? It's me, you guys. It's Tina. I'm Tina.

Some people thought Reese Witherspoon's dress was too yellow or something. It was yellow, all right. Yellow like a fox!

And Filliam H. Muffman pulled it out this year, I thought! Good recovery! What a groovy dress. But I don't think anybody hated it. Or, probably someone did but I have not been apprised.


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megspaz said...

I love your blog.
Everytime you post new things I get happy smiley face!

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I like everything you WRITE!

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Anonymous said...

Spot on about Diaz. I hated admitting it to myself to, but she did look fantastic.