Wednesday, April 05, 2006

peaceful more added

Thank you, sweet everyone who has sent their good wishes and offers of help. I was really touched by all the kindness that swung my way after that last post. It's a little embarrassing to overtly plump for people to pet you, but man, ask and ye shall receive. You all are just lovely people.

My mom's out of the hospital and safely home, and Dave and I are back at our Pink House. Mom's a little wobbly and nervous, feeling a little like a time bomb, but she should be fine. Thankfully she has a friend staying with her tonight, to make her feel a little more secure. I visited her today and found her clutching My Therapy Buddy!* (It arrived. And it's a lady! I mean, it's a lady's voice. I remembered the buddy sounding more androgynous, and sort of interpreting it to be an effeminate male. But it's all woman. But it's built like a man. An out of shape man. It actually sort of looks like my dad.) Anyway, there she was, hugging the buddy, and she was all, "You can get another one. This one's mine."

*I re-read this and realized that the sequence here made it sound like My Therapy Buddy was the "friend" staying with her. No, she had a real human friend person there. (Sorry, My Therapy Buddy. I should have told you to cover your ears.)

The buddy is remarkably comforting, I have to tell you. We bought it for a joke, but it is really perfectly shaped and squishy in just the right amount and IT FEELS GOOD TO HOLD IT. The hypothesis that 98% of people can be helped by a buddy...I have to say, I believe it. You don't even have to believe in the power of the buddy. IT FEELS GOOD TO HOLD IT. You could have a tiny, shrivelled, vinegary heart, you could be the world's most cynical bastard, and you might be able to deny outwardly that it's doing anything for you, but inside you would be like, Hold me, buddy. Tiens moi. Don't let go.

So the buddy is hers. I feel very good about that. We can order another one. And we're going to.

Our sweet friend Morgan came to our house and worked like a dog for four hours yesterday, helping us clean and organize the space. She was amazing. Blim! Blam! Taking charge! She and Dave toiled away while I lay on my left side feeling guilty. So much progress was made, it was incredible. And besides all of your lovely comments, we got some beautiful, heartfelt offers of help. We feel so supported. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you, everybody. You all very much added more peaceful to our order.

We won't.


la Ketch said...

HOORAY!!! jesus. why do i love it so much that that thing looks sort of like your dad. that kills me...

Adam Szymkowicz said...

Glad your mom's doing well. I've been away from the blog world but sending my good wishes now.