Friday, March 03, 2006

i love a new blog and who is our secret santa?

No, um. The blog that I love isn't new. My love is new. I've seen this blog linked on many, many other blogs, so it would seem that it's a famous blog. Its name is Fussy.

I feel like I'm like, have you guys listened to this band?? I think they're called The White Stripes*?? You should listen to them! I found them.

************Well, helLO there! Who are you?***********

*This is not Meg White's blog that I'm speaking of, I say to head off confusion. I don't know if Meg White has a blog. I'm going to go ahead and surmise that she doesn't. This is the blog of one Eden Kennedy.

But really, I read a few posts and then I've started from the beginning of the archives and am reading all the way through. Hitting the spot, is what you're doing, you famous blog that I'm the first to discover.

Um. Anything else?

Yes. I have to sleep on my left side, and what's new is that Finn sticks some part of himself out of that side at some point in the night, so it's like I'm sleeping on a random rock. It is so comfortable. Also, when he moves a lot I'm like, JEEZ YOU'RE WOW WHAT ARE YOU DOING? and when he's having a slow mover day I'm like, HEY, WHATSAMATTER? HEY, MOVE AROUND SOME MORE!

I fear and expect that this will carry over into parenthood.

Wait - and also, ALSO...a mystery person sent us this beautiful Maya Wrap sling for the baby, and we don't know who it was!! It came with no note!

It looks like this:

Was it you? If you're out there, tell us, so we can aim our gratitude in the right direction. Right now, our gratitude's swinging around like an out-of-control garden hose. It's forceful, but, um, the right target is...not getting watered.

Dear somebody, we love it.

P.S. Mystery solved! The recipient was outed when more treats arrived from her in the mail. Now we know what we have to do.


DL said...

OH my god . I love The White Stripes. I did not know she had a blog.
But even if it wasn't hers, it's still amazing.
It makes me cry. I can't figure out what about it is so so compelling and good . and moving.
Thanks for sharing the love.

I feel late night catching up in my future.

Tina Rowley said...

Ah, yes! Glad you said that! Must point out that this is totally not the blog of Meg White. It's just a very popular blog, the discovery of which I likened to what would be the belated discovery of the White Stripes now. I will clarify up in the post! And I'm so glad you are enjoying it.

la Ketch said...

yes. i've never heard of it eiter but i've just been reading it and laughing out loud so hard that dup had to get up out of bed and ask me if i was ok because he thought i was crying. i love when she's reading her kid the curious george book with the dog and he's like, "i hope he hurts it". omg. i was crying laughing.

DL said...

I just now saw your comment ! I've been reading all the posts totally thinking it was meg white's until today !
It's still really freaking awesome and i am never going to stop reading it !