Tuesday, March 14, 2006

blog nesting

I'm changing my color scheme now because a) I was tired of the Miami preppy theme and b) once I give birth to the bunny, I think I won't want to spend four hours futzing around with my template and the non-dithering color chart. Not now, Finn. Hold up, child. You'll eat soon. I just have to try fifteen or sixteen more looks for the hover-over-the-link color. What do you think of #CCFFOO? Is it...? No, you're right. Too muted. That makes me cry, too. Shhh. Hang on. I'm fixing it.

I call this new color scheme

"Blueberries and the Sea"*.


Some people who have different brands of blogs have a little thing at the bottom that says "current song".

Current song: Styx, Too Much Time on My Hands

Good night.

Edit: All right. For La Ketch, I have altered my beloved Blueberries and the Sea scheme. She wanted it all legible and shit. But that's it.

*Blueberry Lagoon*

stays like it is now, unless I get like 25 comments that are like, I can't read Blueberry Lagoon. And Miami Preppy can never come back. It was making me want to pull off my eyelashes.


la Ketch said...

tooooo darrk cann't readd it. change it baaack or make the font lighter. must read your blog!! ps. will you please remind us all of your due date? i promise this will be the last time i ask. love love love.

Tina Rowley said...

For you, Bifocals, I have changed it. But I'm calling you Bifocals from now on. Until I forget. And my due date is April 20th. And I still love you.

la Ketch said...

much better. thank you!! i do like the bluuuueeee. april 20th going on the calendar!!

DL said...

Hee hee. I can't help it everytime I see it ...
La Ketch, you can wish me happy birthday on that day if the little one decides to come on a different day ! ha ha.

me , and michael seiwerath and well..yeah... a guy named Adolph.. But we'll pretend we don't know that.

As to the obsessive redesigning of the blog... yeah i understand. i go through it every six months!

I like the blueberries and sea. it works for me !

bladio said...

i like the new look!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Tina! This is a dumb question but, how do you change the colors?
I, too, am tired of my colors!
L'idiot de computaire

the beige one said...

the new look is a lot calmer, yes.

Tina Rowley said...

Blade, Jose and Boo: Thanks for the response to Blueberry Lagoon!

Momster: Hi! Yeah, I'm also L'idiot de computaire, completely. I'm just obsessive enough about color that I clawed my way to enough knowledge to figure it out.

Everybody who doesn't want to be bored might want to move along at this point. Really. It's going to be CHAT-TY.

Here's how I do it:

So the first thing I do is temporarily start another blog where I can try stuff out without screwing up the blog I already have. Then I get two Internet Explorers open at the same time so I can hop back and forth between the template of the tester blog and a web page that has html color codes on it. I'll give you the address for the one that I use:


So. Then I go into the template of the blog, and in the top half in the categories "body" through "profile", you can find places where you can change the colors. It'll say what the thing is, like 'link' or 'hover' or 'post title' or 'border', and then it'll have a color spot, that usually starts with a "#" and ends with a ";" and has some letters and numbers in between. That's where you can mess around. Go to the color html page and find a code of a color that you like, and plug it in between the # and ; (like, say, #CC0066;), and hit preview on the little bar beneath the template. Do you like what happened? Hurrah! Did nothing happen? Make sure that the # and ; are there. Keep doing this until it looks like you want it to look and then save the template of this tester blog. (There's a bar underneath the template box where it says "save", so that's how that goes.)

If you're ready to take the plunge and change your actual blog, then copy the top half of the tester template, being sure you don't copy anything from the "Footer" category and below. (There's nothing cool to switch up in the footer, and below that you would start getting into content stuff that you won't want to go away on your actual blog.)

Then go to your real blog and cut everything above the Footer category, and paste in the top half of your tester template. Hit preview - should look good! If it does, save your template and you are cooking with gas. If it didn't work and something's wrong, then start a different tester blog and copy its nice virgin top half into your actual blog's top half, and you will have lost nothing but a bunch of annoying time. But it should work - works for me!

Anonymous said...

If you can do all that, you are not l'idiot de computaire!
Thanks and I'll try it one of these days. :-)

(egg) said...

April 20th. Also the birthday of our esteemed and beloved friend, K Grubes.

Is it cool to have a date to focus on, or is it too much pressure? Like maybe it would be better to have been told, "Ya know, sometime mid-late April...ish. Prolly." Then you could start pretending not to pay attention in early/mid April, but you wouldn't be worried or frustrated until, say the mid/late-20s of April. Or is it more fun to count down?

I've decided to count down with you.


(egg) said...

Oh, and I am taking a bath in the new colors. Love 'em!

Tina Rowley said...

Egg: Ah, yes, the Gruber! I knew that at one point and then forgot.

I must say, I'm taking that date with a truckload of salt. I'm kinda taking the tack you described of telling myself, "mid to late April-ish" knowing that it could really be anytime between the beginning of April and the beginning of May. Just as long as he holds off until our house is ready, he can do what he wants. But I'm getting so damn big I can barely move. The shit will be CRAZY after a few more weeks.

Glad you like the colors, too, babe! xo