Tuesday, January 20, 2009

this flavor!

BEEP! Beeeep beeep beep! Honk Honk! Beeeeeep beep!

I can say nothing else that hasn't been said. It's unbelievable. Hello, new world.

But also, moving along....THIS flavor:

Ladies and gentlemen....the contents of my womb. Well. Not the first one. Well, not any of them. Just their collective first name attached to one sweet-ass little growing baby with a handsome profile and long fingers who if you stretched him out would be nine inches long. THAT guy.

The impending Fred Rowley.

We went in thinking otherwise. Then the lady said something about "Here's the scrotum," and I thought, "Why is she saying the word 'scrotum' in relation to my daughter?" followed closely by, "Oh."

And then, "YEAH!"

Fred! Finn and Fred. The small comedy team of my dreams. We're delighted to keep populating the world with Rowley men. This will be the eleventh Rowley man born in a row. Ain't seen no lady Rowleys since the 1930's. You gotta marry in. That's what I did.

In parting, I know that none of you particularly enjoy thinking about my cervix, but if you ever HAPPEN to be thinking about it, which never tell me if you are, think LONG thoughts. It's too short. Which is either fine or totally shitty. Too early to tell. Anyway, this cervix business put a damper on our boy joy, god damn it. The box of paranoia that I keep putting in the mail keeps getting returned to sender. Stop it, fucker. Get out of here. Anyway, long. Length. Lengthiness.

Fred! Fred Fred Fred Fred Fred.


Fred Barack Hussein Michelle Malia Sasha Obama Rowley. I mean, we'll see.


Kris McN said...


john said...

Lest you forget Fred Schneider of the B-52s!

As the father of a Charlie, I heartily endorse giving our sons names that sound like bowlers from the 1950s.

Congrats! Dudes are fun!

Amy said...

Girls are so 2008. Here's to crazy boyness! congrats from the Island of Sodor!

la Ketch said...

so Jesus is out? Yay Fred!!

Ginger said...


Ok, I read the above post first, so I am still reeling a little bit, and also mad at you for making me laugh at your relaxation tape interpretation, but...

AAAIIEEEEEEEEE!!! Yay for scrotums!

And I'm sending you long cervical wishes, and if I remember correctly from my high risk pregnancy days- thickness.

Tidings of thickness and length, thickness and length! Oo-oh, ti-idings of thi-ickness and leeeeength!