Tuesday, July 01, 2008

the new foods

I was cooking dinner for Finn the other night while he was across the room playing with his toys. I pulled some asparagus out of a bag and started ripping off the tough ends, when Finn looked over in my direction. He had never seen asparagus before. He was thunderstruck. "WHAT IS THAT GREEN THING?!" he yelled, running to the kitchen. "It's asparagus." "I WILL HOLD IT!" he informed me. I handed him a stalk. He gazed at it with extreme reverence. "This is yummy," he declared in advance, never taking his eyes off of the asparagus.

Earlier in the week, I had introduced him to apricots. I cut some up in a bowl for him with some cherries. He sat with the bowl quietly for a minute, eating. Then he called out, "What is this yellow thing?" "It's an apricot, honey." There was a pause, and then, "It's yummy." A couple of minutes later he called out again, "What is these yellow things?" "They're apricots, sweetheart." Pause again. "Yummy." This repeated a couple of times, and then after a little bout of silence the report came, "I like apricots."

Also new this week:

grapes (What is these red things? They would be so yummy!)
popsicles (It is yummy, funny and delicious.)
polenta (I don't like it.)
nectarines (Let me hold it.)
plumcots (Bumcops. Pumcops. Pumcots.)

It isn't just foods that are yummy and funny for Finn these days. Events make the cut, too. I told him we were going to take Dave to work, and he said, "That might be so yummy." And then he thought about it and amended it to, "It would be so funny."

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