Saturday, August 04, 2007

welcome to morocco!

Hello! Come in. Yes, you're disoriented. Mind the smoke. No, don't mind the smoke. It's smoky in here, is what I mean to tell you. Hookahs. Incense. Forbidden other smokinesses. Yes, it's smoky here in these new surroundings.

You've been here before. This is the Gallivanting Monkey.


Yes. The same!

But....who are you?

I'm Tina. Just regular old Tina. But you're hallucinating! To you, I appear to be about five years old!

.....! ....!

I know. I know. Don't worry. Soon you will be accustomed to all of this RICH STRANGENESS. You will be functioning normally before long. This template will soon be as familiar to you as the b'stilla* and couscous you serve to your families around low mosaic'd** tables, which you eat with your hands as you have done for generations. I speak of course of the couscous, and not the mosaic'd tables. Those you do not eat. But you know this.

*a pie...made with pigeons!
** 'd! 'd!

Yes, not in the traditional Moroccan style. I appear to you in American clothes from the 1970's to provide a foothold for your mind. Know, though, that what appears to be two shirts layered...IS ONE SHIRT.


Eve said...

This is SO weird.
I am wearing that EXACT shirt right now, sitting in front of my computer, doing that very same thing with my hands, and my bangs.

ps- cough, cough!

pps- you are crazy cute

bladio said...


look at you! so cute!!!

or ca-yooot as our former mom would say. you know when we were ducks. i can't remember our mom's name.

Ash said...

The funny thing is they have started to make those shirts with an extra set of faux sleeves again! Well, I guess they are real sleeves, but you know what I mean!

robkroese said...

Hysterical. That's really all I can say at this point.

A foothold for my mind? ROTFLMAO.

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is so nice!!
What a lovely girl!!
She is so cutie!
Very unusual and unique blog.I love it!