Saturday, June 09, 2007

ask me how many times i've said "camel" today

More than the busiest camel merchant who ever lived. Really, more than anyone else has ever said it, ever. With the NOTABLE exception of my son.

"Kanga" is long gone. "Cow" is so five minutes ago. It's, well, this was our afternoon:

Finn: Camel. Ca-mel. CAMEL!

Me: Camel.

Finn: CAAA-AAAmel! (And then whispering.) Camelcamel.

Me: Camel.



Me: Camel, right. Camel. Camel.

Finn: Camel camel camel.

Me: This book has a camel, too, look.

Finn (blowing a gasket): CAAAAAAAA-MEL!!!!!


Oh my god, as I'm writing this, I can hear Finn downstairs with Dave saying "camel camel".


My conversational skills are going to be hanging by a thread here soon. Someone's going to be like, I just read the most amazing book. And I'm going to be like, book! Very good! You said book. And they're going to be like....anyway, it's about phenomenology, and it's- And I'm going to be like, listen to you! What a guy. I love the way you can speak! Say MORE. And they'll be like, so, the book- And I'll be like, book!

And they'll be like,


Recently, it was giraffe. He saw a giraffe at the zoo and yelled like he was being reunited with his...fuckin'....most awesome person ever that he'd been parted from for centuries. So we got him a stuffed giraffe, thinking we were geniuses. He was entirely WHAT. EVER. about it. Last week, it was cow. COW! Cow cow. He was SO cow cow. So we Einsteins got him a stuffed cow, because we thought he'd love it forever. And he had a brief torrid affair with the cow. And now he's looking at camel porn.

We could nip this in the bud immediately if we bought him a stuffed camel. He'd be all....rhino!

P.S. Also, whenever Finn sees one of these guys


P.P.S. Please, I beseech you, let there be no one here looking for actual camel porn.


Eve said...

That is unbelievable! Clever Finnman rocking out with all of the words! That is so fun! I'm jealous.

My girls are torturing me with silence most of the time - and when they do talk, it is in Yiddish. I think they're plotting something terrible.

Give Finn my best, and tell him I said, "camelcamelcamelcamelcamelcamel."

He'll know what it means.

Anonymous said...

Start worrying when he won't stop saying "Marlboro."

Ash said...

Monkeys are where it's at. My first stuffed animal was a monkey (named Ruffles for some odd reason) and I am still a huge monkey fan.

Christopher said...

Dammit, FB that's EXACTLY what I was just thinking!

robkroese said...

You're pretty damn funny, you know that?

Tina Rowley said...

Eve: I told Finn what you said and he said to say to you...something about a...CAMEL. Also, your girls are the future rock stars of Canada and the world. They are perhaps practicing to decline interviews. Prudent! They're going to be swamped! For they are SHIT HOT.

FB & Christopher: Oh, man. That Joe Camel. Yeah, we've been seeing him around on billboards and we are declining to point him out. No need for him to get a crush on that fucker.

Ash: Aw! You love monkeys! THAT MEANS YOU LOVE ME.

Diesel: Coming from such a seriously funny bastard as yourself, that is a needlepoint-able compliment. Onto a pillow. To put in my house.

Anonymous said...

Hey so if Finn is still into Giraffes, there are Giraffe feedings every day at Woodland Park Zoo. You have to pay $5 extra, or something, but you get to hold a branch and the Giraffe comes and eats all the leaves with his/her big long tongue!