Monday, July 26, 2010

please hold

RSS Feeds. I always forget about the RSS feeds.

Yes, there was a post here earlier. Yes, it's gone. Yes, it will be back.

The subject matter of this post, for those who didn't have it spooned into an RSS feed before I could whisk it away, is very sensitive. I posted something and I felt ashamed about it and wanted to hide it.

My dear friend, Ingrid, she's one of the people who saw the post in her RSS feed. She called me this morning, and we hung out and talked. She's going to have my back and write a preamble for me so I can put it back up. I can't go it alone on this one. I'm afraid I'll get speared.

I forgot that long ago, when I was pregnant with Fred and spending lots of time on, I set things up so my blog would post over there. When I was scrambling to take down the post, checking Statcounter to see whether anyone had read it, I saw that it had posted to Babycenter, and someone had indeed read it. I went and looked.

One comment: a crying emoticon.

You can interpret a crying emoticon a lot of different ways when you have no other information to go on. I decided that this emoticon was crying in horror.

Ingrid is going to help me and I'll have it back up at some point soon.

So, you weren't imagining things. And if you read it and got worried, please don't. What I wrote was true but it's not anywhere close to the only truth, or the most pervasive truth. I stand by it. But it needs more around it. It's not enough by itself.

Okay. Please stand by.

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Kris McN said...

I saw it in the RSS and when I went to comment, I saw you took it down. I figured you'd had second thoughts because that was some brave, raw, honest, exposed, difficult shit (and I by "shit" I'm just being a potty-mouth for emphasis, not implying judgement). Yeah, probably not the kind of thing you want bounced to babycenter, unless you never look at comments or check your email again. I started an email to you to validate, and elaborate, and back you up - got long and was not finished. When you repost I will include it in a long ass comment. 100%, lady, 100%.